Game’s Timeframe

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Game starts: September 5, 2012 12:00 nn

Game ends: October 10, 2012 12:00 nn


Message to all Masters:

  • Please claim your Assassin Game Kit.


Messasge to all Servants:

  • Ask your Masters to provide you your appropriate weapons.

The new rule will be that the assassination status of servants will be BATTLE ROYALE for the second Holy Grail War.



  • Just like in the HUNGER GAMES, everyone is a target to everyone.
  • In this 2nd Holy Grail War, however, only servants are under this assassination status.
  • As long as you’re a servant, any player can kill you.
  • Players’ objective is to kill their target. Killing other servants is only optional. But it is still counted in “kill count.”
  • A tip to all masters: Protect the identity of your servant.

New Servant Class!

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In the second holy grail war, there will be a new servant class: BARBARIAN.


The Barbarian will only use empty plastic bottles as weapons. The bottle must made contact with the body of their target regardless of clothing.


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But everything is not over yet. There will be a 2nd war in attaining the grail.

August 22,2012 12:00nn


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Achilles versus Guinevere

Who will be the winner of the first Holy Grail War?!

Witness as they battle to death to attain the treasure and achieve their desires as the sands of time runs off at the last day of the battle.


Game ends at 2:00 p.m. of the 15th day of August.

Join or Die!

Recruitment is going on for the 2nd Holy Grail War. For current players or those who really wants to join, contact us.


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Archer Strikes Again!

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Archer was on her second strike when she killed another Master, Midas.

Archer was constantly stalking Midas but never got a chance to kill her when she was always surrounded by people around her. Midas was a successful woman. Just by her name alone, she defines “gold”. No wonder people would approach her for business talks and she would keep up for her social life. She felt confident to be safe from being killed by a servant since non-player characters were always with her. Rules are always rules and it state that there shall be no more than two witnesses in an elimination, whether it is a player or a non-player. She let her Servant, Caster, do the dirty jobs for her and Caster was always away from her Master. That may be their biggest mistake.

Midas was attending a seminar that explains about language acquisition with the help of listening. She might have thought that this seminar could help her in her business career. There was this one young lady that kept on staring at her in the seminar but she didn’t mind. Besides, how could an elimination happen when there’s lots of witnesses? At the end of the seminar, this young lady approached her. She said that she was an avid fan of Midas in the business industry. They had quite a chat as they walked in the hallway, just the two of them. Then, they departed ways. As Midas looked back to see once more the young lady that reminded her young self, she saw the young lady holding a bow and arrow. Then, she felt something cold went through her chest and fell to the ground. It was too late to discover that this young lady was Archer and she has been eliminated.

Hope you’ll love this anime. This is where the game’s theme was inspired. Hope you’ll get inspired to!

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Vengeance Unmet

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Avenger knew she wasn’t going to live long. Her Master was killed by Archer, Black Swan’s Servant. All the plans, strategies and ideals with her Master had put to nothing. Everything was gone. Maybe not everything. She still have vengeance.

Avenger was now completely blinded by vengeance. She didn’t want to kill the servant of her target in order to keep playing in the game. She didn’t care anymore about the 24-hour rule. She wanted to kill the one who killed her master, the one who took her everything in the game. Wrath filled her soul and flame conquered her eyes. She went on a non-stop outrage, searching every soul to find Archer. Even at night, the darkness were colored fear by Avenger’s outrage.

People started saying they saw a fast-moving shadow lurking in the depths of pitch-black alleys, climbing from one building to the other, peeping through windows and panels. It may be covered in shadows but they can see glowing red eyes. Morning came and people kept on gossiping that they have the same experience that night.

The gossips reached Black Swan and Archer. They knew it was Avenger who lurked in those darkness, looking for Archer. As ¬†they walked to Black Swan’s home, they heard someone shouting at the top of her lungs and it was shouted with pure vengeance, “AAAAAARRCHEERRRR!!!”

When Black Swan and Archer looked behind, they saw no one.

When a Servant’s Time Ends

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Rider has lost her Master due to Black Swan’s Command Spell. She was on the lookout for her target when she felt her spiritual contract with Master 3, the Command Spells, disappeared. Rider knows that Delilah hadn’t used yet her Command Spells but all three disappeared in an instance. That meant Delilah has already lost as what Rider concluded. She mounted immediately on her steed and went to her master as soon as she can, hoping to save her even though she knew it is the end. Rider arrived at the dark alley where Delilah was killed. There she saw nothing but rats scurrying in the dark. There was no one in sight, not even her master, not even a single drop of blood was found.

She has only 24 hours to remain in this world unless she has to eliminate her target’s servant. She still wanted to be in the game because she wanted to attain the treasures of the Holy Grail. Without a Master, she can’t achieve that goal. She mounted back to her steed and return to where she stalked her target before. She thought wherever her target was, the target’s servant was also there. But when she returned, they were not there anymore. They must have felt a servant was following them.

Hope was now fading away…

The night came and another dawn arrived. Her target became stealthier than before. The powers of a Rider can’t benefit against stealth. Rider let go of her urge to attain the Grail. As the sun’s light ceased at the horizon, Rider ceased existence.